Still haven’t found the information you are looking for? Or maybe you just want to touch base to see how Murder Box Australia is coming together.

Whatever the reason our support team are here to assist you and we invite you to make contact with us by using the below contact form.

What is in Murder Box Australia?

The final list of contents that will be in Murder Box Australia has not been determined. However, each box will bring in excess of $100 worth of value, and will include at least one t-shirt, one DVD and one book.

The full list will be finalised prior to Murder Box Australia going on sale.

How much will Murder Box Australia cost?

At this point we are unable to lock in a price for Murder Box Australia. This is a one-off subscription box, and will contain all licensed products, as well as exclusives.

We will be working to ensure that this box is one that you can proudly display, and be excited that you are part of an exclusive club of owners – and therefore we are working with businesses and suppliers across Australia, New Zealand and the world to stock the box – and therefore final costs will be determined by financial outlay required to produce the box we can all be proud off.

When will Murder Box Australia go on sale?

Okay this is a tricky one – but a good one. Murder Box Australia is a limited edition subscription – only 200 units will be created.

We do hope to open subscriptions for Murder Box Australia in early 2018 with a view to ship all boxes at the end of August to help ensure you have your fantastic range of products well and truly in time for Halloween.