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Murder Box Australia is strictly limited to 250 boxes being dispatched across Australia and New Zealand. By joining us and being part of Murder Box Australia it means that your product will be in the hands of 250 fans of the supernatural, mystical, unexplained and horror genres.

Many, if not most, of these valued subscribers who have been able to secure themselves one of our exclusive boxes would not have heard of your business, or know the true extent that you truly offer to the horror community.

By working with us to ensure showcase the best Australian and New Zealand businesses have to offer through Murder Box Australia it will help us further showcase what you truly have to offer directly to the community.

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From the very first moment you agree to come on board here at Murder Box Australia your business, along with your products and services, will be advertised throughout the Australian Horror Network – to which we belong.

In addition to being advertised throughout the Australian Horror Network, by joining us and becoming part of Murder Box Australia, we will also be advertising your business and goods on the social media accounts of which we belong to (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).